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Universal Stereo Tube Output Stage (need to add two 2.2uF coupling caps)

Universal Stereo Tube Output Stage

Price: $149.00

Universal Stereo Tube Output Stage (UTS)

Design and performance

Complete module including the specially designed over spec power transformer for 115 to 240 V operation. Hybrid anode follower with circle of two CCS using ECC88/6922/6DJ8/6H1/6CG7 (not included); S/N ratio > 100 DBA, 2V RMS into a 10K THD is around 0.1%, 20 Hz to 20 KHz <-0.5db, output minimum 10V RMS on clip into 10K load <1% THD, output impedance is 75-100 ohm; Also includes Obbligatto coupling capacitor.


one board can do stereo RCA output tube stage for a DAC, two boards can do balance output tubes stage DAC. One board could make a nice simple line stage, two boards could be configured as a balanced line stage, or an RC RIAA between two boards would make a nice phono stage with about 40 DB of gain, or two boards with a 10K LCR and a 10K termination resistor would be an easy way to build an LCR phono stage.

Tube used

ECC88/6DJ8/6922/6H1/6CG7 only. Do NOT fit 6H30 or 6H6


140 mm x 80 mm x 45 mm

Installation instruction:

Here is the manual in all of its glorious 39 pages! It gives detailed instructions for using the UTS as a voltage or current output DAC, single ended or balanced line stage with 6 or 12 DB gain, and instructions to implement as a moving magnet single ended stereo RIAA EQ preamplifier. In addition to the instructions provided it is also possible to use the UTS as a single or balanced tape head stage, classic high gain two channel transformer coupled microphone preamplifier, and input and summing amplifier such as a classic tube mixer.

NOTE :This is for the purchase of the module without the power transformer, without 2.2uF coupling caps and without the tube.


Click link to view:

Universal Tube Output Stage Installation Manual

The Vinyl Song Universal Tube Output Stage EZ Phono Installation Manual

Instructions for Projekt UTS linestage

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