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Tentlabs Mini E-Choke (100mA)

Tentlabs Mini E-Choke (100mA)

Price: $43.00

Mini E-Choke is very compact for current below 50mA. It is suitable for preamps.

Like the bigger E-Choke, Mini E-Choke replace traditional chokes that generally work quite well, but suffer from serious disadvantages:

• high weight
• relatively big size
• magnetic field radiation that induces hum in the circuit

Mini E-Chokes effectively solve all these issues, and offer up to 60dB supply ripple reduction.



• maximum current 100 mA
• maximum Vdc 800 V
• internal limit: no
• inductance 10 H
• maximum voltage drop @ Imax 9 V
• short circuit protection no
• protected for inverse connection yes
• maximum heat production 0,9 W
• minimum capacity C1 47 uF
• optimal capacity C1 = C2 100 uF



Module size: 26*15*15 mm (W*L*H)
Hole pitch: 14 mm (symmetrical). All pin diameters 1.0 mm, pin length 9 mm
Mass: 12 gram



Manual can be downloaded in Tentlab website here.


This module is warranted for 5 years by Tentlabs (the Netherlands), assumed all mounting instructions are followed

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