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Universal Volume Control Application and Instructions


Universal Volume Control Application and Instructions

for DIY and assembled units 


The Audio Matrix PCB
The Control Matrix PCB
1.1 Mounting the Control Matrix
1.2 – Power Supply Wiring
1.3 – Connecting the Ribbon Cables
3.11 – Connecting the Direct Output to RCA Output Connectors
3.12 – Connecting the Direct Output to an active Linestage
3.2 – Connecting the Buffered Output
The RC-5 Remote Control Protocol
Features, Technical Data and Application Examples
–Passive operation standard mode
–Passive operation 100k shunt mode (option)
–Passive operation all modes
–Audio module with LSK389 buffers fitted
Application Examples
The UVC based 2 Channel buffered passive Linestage
The UVC/UTS based 2 Channel active Linestage
Backplate Mounting of Power Switch
Optional Side Plate Mounting of power Switch
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Wedding Bells at DIYHFS

Wedding Bells at DIYHFS

The happy couple:
UTS (Universal Tube Stage)
UVC (Ultimate Volume Control)

Their happy home:
240mm Projekt Bungalow

The marriage proceedings couldn’t have worked out better and one would wish all weddings were like this one.

Yes it’s still the honeymoon but this one promises to go the distance. This couple were truly made for each other.

I usually cry at weddings but this one makes me smile.