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Super low noise 10M45S CCS Kit

Super low noise 10M45S CCS Kit

Price: $19.00 for 1 board / kit.

CCS based on IXYS 10M45S, super low noise, 2ma to 100ma/450V. includes parts shown at below+ insulation parts for chassis mount.



  1. The indicated trace is cut and resistor placed across it to prevent oscillation. Resistor from1K to5K is acceptable.
  2. Connect B+ as shown, or optionally a 1ohm resistor can be connected from that trace to the trace labelled B+. In that caseB+ connects to the labelled B+
  3. Connect anode as shown to reduce possibility of oscillation. Keep all leads short.
  4. Adjustable pot is 2K and can adjust the CCS from 2 to 100ma. Note 1: higher current requires heat sinking. Recommended to install to chassis with hardware provided and as shown. Note 2: the back of the IXYS is conductive and must be insulated from the chassis.

Caution! Shorting the IXYS CCS will damage the 10S45M. There is no warranty for that.

For reference: the B+ voltage less the anode voltage below the CCS is the voltage available for signal swing. Ie400VB+ – 200Vanode = 200v so +-100v signal.


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