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Assembled Belden MediaTwist ® Cat6 Cable

Smooth and Noiseless signal transfer, ideal for music server, media player or NAS etc.

We highly recommend Belden 1874A MediaTwist Category 6 cable for its unique cable structure. Important upgrade for your digital audio system.

Plug: RJ45 terminal (CAT6, 10GBASE-T compatible). Cable: Belden 1874A. Assembled and tested in Japan.

30cm $18, 50cm $21, 1m $26, 1.5m $31, 2m $34, 3m $ 40, 4m $48, 5m $54

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Gotham Professional 75ohm Digital Cable 10070

$4 per meter


Beat75: True 75ohm SPDIF Cable with 75ohm RCA type Plugs

75 ohm cable for digital connections. 75 ohm is the standard both for cables and connectors. Anything less causes reflections and degrades digital signal.
optimum length to minimize reflections is 30cm (~12″) OR 5 Meters

* Solderless connections further reduces reflections
* 75 ohm SPDIF cable from Gotham Switzerland (as used in some mega$ cables)
* 75 ohm RCA type plugs

You are not hearing what you DAC can do unless you connect with 75 ohm cable and plugs

This is for 1 length 30cm cable completely assembled and ready to use.

Sorry this can not be DIY due to the special tool and die needed to achieve the solderless connections

$59 per 12″, $79 per 500cm


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Shipping cost : $8 – Hong Kong Post airmail.

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