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Special Film & Teflon Capacitors

These are not regular stock items. We purchased them for special project.

Teflon tin foil caps from France. The Teflon may be the ultimate coupling and bypass cap. 1000V rating allows use in many 211/845 circuits – check your operating voltages. These take a while to settle in but are ultimately smooth and extremely dynamic sounding. IMO better than silver caps. And…they are reasonably sized to fit tight places – 36mm long.

  • 0.047uF $35.00
  • 0.1uF $42.00
  • 0.22uF $64.00
  • 0.47uF $95.00

22uF/35v film caps from Japan, $16.00 each

Compact Size Film Caps

PPE series (630v)

  • 1.0uF $3.70
  • 4.7uF $6.75
  • 10uF $8.00
  • 20uF $14.00

Obbligato film

  • 1uF (630v) 24x16mm, $2.25
  • 10uF (250V) 35x20mm, $8
  • 10uF(630v) 44x28mm, $8

Shipping cost : $8 – Hong Kong Post airmail.

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