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Low DCR Grid Choke


High inductance Grid Choke with low DCR and capacitance:

Replacing your grid leak resistor with the SILK Supermalloy Grid Choke is easy to do but gives a big result. This is one of those major tweeks that lets you hear every well-spent penny. This is the “Ultimate Inductor” since its inductance is more than 7,000 Henry at 12Hz while having very low DCR of just 1.3K ohm.
AC impedance at 1KHz is more than 5 Mega ohm! AND has a very low parasitic capacitance of only less than 20pF. This is 1/10th s the typical tandard grid resistor. Immediately noticeable is improvement in high frequency response.

Wiring: This choke has three taps, the middle one is for making phase splitter in push-pull circuit.

LxWxH : 37 x 32 x 32mm

price of $160USD is for ONE PAIR





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