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High Precision Belt-Drive Turntable

High Precision Belt Drive Turntable

Bearing/ spindle: The bearing surfaces are now finished using a new process: Electrolytic Processing. This results in an even higher polish and lower rotational friction losses. Following is the special design feature.

  • True Inverted construction.
  • Ceramic ball bearing sits at the same plane as the drive belt, giving perfect alignment and bearing stability.
  • Optimal lubrication. Oil feeder channels constantly push oil into the top section of the bearing for minimum rotational friction losses.
  • Hollow spindle allows adding lubricant from the top.
  • Nylon bearing plate at the top of the bearing case
  • Ceramic ball
  • Non-magnetic spindle
  • Non-magnetic phosphor bronze bearing case, nickel plating

Platter: Non-resonant transparent 48mm solid acrylic platter for stable rotation with strobe calibration. Platter diameter is 300mm.

Motor: Ultra high performance Premotec DC motor, made in Holland, with high torque and stable design. Motor casing is made of solid soft iron, massive at 4.5 kg. 90 mm tall by 120 mm diameter. Powder black finish. The unique flexible pulley design employs a barrel contour with dual flanges. You can drive your platter with tape, flat or O-ring style belts or dual string drive. The pulley is made of aluminum.

Plinth: Special Tuned Crystal Glass. Suitable for 9” to 12” tone arm.

Arm Base: Height adjustable aluminium tone arm base with solid wood height adjuster, Float mounting. Suitable for 25mm arm base to SME arm base.

Tonearm: 12″ Opera T1288 (cartridge not included)

Support: Magnetic levitators

Lead time: around 3 weeks.

Shipping: Please email us in the mean time. Shipping rate will be listed soon.

Kits :

Kit 1 : Bearing + Spindle, $391, save $44
Kit 2 : Kit 1 + Platter + Belt, $641, save 114
Kit 3 : Kit 2 + Plinth and foot, $998, save $217
Kit 4 : Kit 3 + Tonearm, $1531, save $374  
Kit 5 : Kit 4 + Magnetic Levitators, $1650, save $415  

You may order individual parts under category Turntable Parts.

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