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We listed 200+ items in our ebay store. Some items are not in ebay because of ebay setup limitation and our time limit. If you are looking for something but cannot find in our ebay store, please check our main store or drop us an email.

PRICING of ebay is 10% higher than our main store. The 10% charge is to cover the ebay listing fee.

SHIPPING is always charged at cost. Shipping is still $8 for small parts at this moment but recently ebay charged us listing fee on shipping so we will soon increase the small parts shipping to $9. For heavier items Ebay so far doesn’t provide shipping calculation for individual countries, so the shipping cost we put in ebay is an average figure.The actual cost to your country may be different. If you want to know the actual shipping cost, you can always check our main store or drop us an email.

Enter Ebay Store
Enter Ebay Store

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