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Django+ Passive Preamplifier



Beautiful chassis and knob, supermally TVC, Japanese switches, silver RCA and silver hook up wire, shaft extensions are employed to shorten the signal paths.

Available in kit form or assembled.

Internal View
Internal View
Back Panel
Back Panel




Input: Maximum 6 pairs RCA / XLR

Output: 2 pairs RCA/ XLR

One switch for additional 6dB gain

One switch for ground connection

One switch for XLR/RCA output


Shipping rate:

US/Canada/Europe/Australia/NZ/ Japan:  $82
South East Asia : $40


Please click below links to read more:

Django Assembly Manual and Technical References



Pricing: $1130 – $1280

shipping $40-82

Enter Online Store:Store

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One thought on “Django+ Passive Preamplifier

  1. Received the unit this Monday.

    It appears to work very nicely with my equipment. For both the DAC and Phono Preamp, I can set the dial to 1 o’clock for normal listening levels and 3 or 4 o’clock for really loud music like rock concerts. Initial opinions are greater dynamics, wider sound stage, and more relaxed presentation. Exactly what I was hoping for.

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