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Django Builders Guide

Django +

Transformer Volume Control (TVC) and Linestage

Builders Guide

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Specifications: (may change without notice)


Input interface: 4 pair RCA plus balanced
Output interface: 1 pair RCA plus balanced
Ground: Switchable Hard / Float
Gain: 0dB and +6dB switchable
Attenuation: -52dB


Using Silk SQ supermalloy transformers with Seiden selector and attenuator switches. Gain and ground switches are also from Japan. Shortened signal paths to input where it is most critical.


Django Reinhart played guitar with two only fingers on the left hand due to an early injury. He turned this liability into an asset by inventing new fingering for jazz chords, fingering that inspired the great jazz guitarists that followed and is still used today. The Django transformer line stage also takes a creative approach and eschews unnecessary active components, while still providing +6db of gain and setting a new standard of performance, especially at low listening levels when all the highs and lows are still present in scale. Clarity, dynamics, and tone are finally realized in a passive line stage.


Table of Contents
Recommended Solder
Solder Technique
Teflon coated high purity copper Single Strand Magnet Wire
Tips for Successful Kit Building
Wiring of front panel switches
Magnetic Volume Control
Input considerations
Output considerations
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