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Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 1 – Introduction

TVC was unheard of only a few short years ago but are actually a very early form of volume control. With the advent of much cheaper carbon wiper pots, TVC were pushed aside and forgotten.
But a TVC is superior:
  1. No signal loss. Resistor attenuators throw away signal by converting electricity to heat. It could be analogous to controlling the speed of an automobile using the brake while the gas peddle is pushed to the floor. The TVC simply trades voltage for current by stepping up/down, much like a gearbox trades gear ratio against torque. Result is full dynamics even when playing at low listening levels and greater dynamics/transparency across the range.
  2. Passive operation so no power conditioning issues. No self noise.
Back panel functions: 2 positions for grounding- hard, float. Choose the one that gives lowest system hum
The net result is a very dynamic, involving linestage which can drive most any load that sounds tonally correct.


The kit builder needs to have basic soldering skills and be able to read and understand the wiring diagrams presented. Refer to the text and diagrams at each step throughout the manual and ensure you double check all wiring at each stage. It is also advantageous to refer to the circuit diagrams at the back of the manual throughout the build.


The kit cannot be returned for a refund. Defective parts will be replaced provided they are returned within 30 days of purchase and are confirmed defective and not misused. No further Warrantee is expressed or implied. This is to protect you the buyer to be assured of receiving a brand new kit and not one that has been returned by someone else which may have been misused.

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