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Django Passive Preamplifier (w/ Remote Control)



Premium quality parts are used : supermalloy TVC, silver hook up wire, silver RCAs, solid aluminum chassis and beautiful chrome on brass knob. A compact remote control is included.



  • Volume control: 0 to -46dB, 23-steps
  • Remote control and manual control



  • Select input device (can connect up to 6 devices by RCA or XLR cable Note 1) by hand or by remote control.
  • Connect to more than one amplifier by RCA or XLR cable
  • 6dB gain
  • Break or connect output grounding
  • Connect to external ground wire



  • One button to increase volume
  • One button to decrease volume
  • One button to select input (need to press “enter” to confirm)



  • Turn the knob to adjust volume.
  • Press the knob (don’t hold it) then turn it to select input, then press it again to confirm.



  • Basic kit is a truly DIY kit. The front panel is silver in color with no hole and no cut out. Back panel is black with no hole.
  • Add $100 to have the front and the back panel drilled and installed with parts.
  • Add $200 to have a ready-to-use unit.



Shipping weight is 5kg.


Note 1: The remote control board support maximum 6 pairs RCAs, or 5 pairs RCAs + 1 pair XLR, or 2 pairs XLRs (no RCA)


Pricing: $690 – $1070

Shipping: $35 – $70

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Remote 23-steps volume control (need to add TVC or resistors), optional 6 pairs input selection

Make-before-break 23 steps stereo selector

Make-before-break 23 steps stereo selector

Many have asked us for a remote control for our Django TVC passive preamp. It’s great to adjust the volume from the sofa.

A few years ago we made a remote-controlled step motor for our 23-steps Seiden switch, it worked initially, but there were two major problems. Firstly, the switch stopped at the wrong position at times. Secondly, the step motor was quite noisy. Now our new relay-based remote control overcomes these two problems – and it’s reliable, durable and quiet.

How does it work? When an electric current passes through the coil inside the delay, a switch opens or closes the connection. It’s a mechanical switch like the Seiden switch. Audio signal only passes from one pin of the relay to the other pin. By using high quality audio grade relay, the signal path remains clean.


  How much will it cost?

It costs more than other relay-resistors volume control because it uses a lot more delays. Below is my estimation:

  • Volume control, display, and remote control : about $219
  • Volume control, display, remote control and channel control : about $289



Remote control : 2 buttons for volume control and 2 buttons for channel control

Front panel control : Press the knob to change channel or turn the knob to adjust volume.



Drill one 15mm hole for a number display and one 5mm hole for IR receiver (optional: one 8mm hole for switch shaft for manual selection)



The first prototype will be done in early December, 2014.


 What do you think? Please share with us your thought.


Remote control
Remote control
Make-before-break 23 steps stereo selector
Make-before-break 23 steps stereo selector
Control and display board
Control and display board
Break-before-make 6 stereo channels selector
Break-before-make 6 stereo channels selector