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Oil Paper Foil Inductor 1.5mh for Crescendo Speaker System

oil paper foil

Price: $70.00

Low DCR, 0.4ohms.
Most importantly: made with European oil paper and high purity copper foil. 1.5mh.
Compare to 300USD.
Diameter 70mm, height 48mm

Shipping rate:
Airmail to USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, NZ, Japan: USD $27
Airmail to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia: USD $17


Click HERE to view Crescendo Manual

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50w 60hz to 1.4khz 8″ carbon composite speaker drivers (free airmail)

carbon composite speaker driver

Price: $149.00

Diameter:  8″(210mm) to basket rim edge.

Cone Material: Aluminium Alloy

Impedance: 6Ohm

Power Handling: 50W continous, 100W programme

Xmax: 3mm peak-peak

Re: 5.2 Ohm

Moving Mass: 19.5 gramm

Fs: 90Hz

Qts: 0.45

Spl (2.83V/1m): 98db

Rec. Enclosure: 30 Liter Net Volume, 70 Hz Port Tuning, (110cm2 port crossection, 13cm port length)

* Frequency AND Impedance Response in recommended enclosure



Shipping weight: 5kg

Airmail included to most countries.


Click HERE to view Crescendo Manual


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Crescendo Ribbon Horn Speaker

Crescendo Speaker Tower


Crescendo Ribbon Horn Speakers


  • Dynamic
  • Transparent and immediate. Comparable to open baffle speakers.
  • Very wide bandwidth. Horn ribbon covers 600hz to 23khz
  • Small size (10” x 15” x 24”)
  • High efficiency (98db)
  • Easy to drive even with 300B SET amps
  • Extreme quality crossover parts: all film caps, oil paper plus copper foil inductors etc.

Below is the possible combination of costs for a pair of bookshelf Crescendo Horn Ribbon Speakers.

Basic kit Basic plug-and-play Advanced kit Advanced  plug-and-play
Drivers $690 1pr 1pr 1pr 1pr
Crossover $380 1pr 1pr 1pr 1pr
Binding post $12 1pr 1pr 2prs 2prs
Bass improvement $220 1pr 1pr
Cabinet and assembly $750 1pr 1pr
Total Cost including airmail $1082 $1832 $1314 $2064



Left picture: Crescendo Bookshelf Speaker

Total cost including airmail $2064





Crescendo Speaker Tower


Left picture : Grand Crescendo Speaker System

Active base (110v or 220v)

Total cost including airmail: $3000






You can download the specification and design here.





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Crescendo Horn Ribbon Speaker Manual


Crescendo Introduction

High  Efficiency in a reasonable size,  with good bandwidth  and rich sound. SET friendly.

Unfortunately  horns  with  any  bandwidth  are  the  size  of  a fridge.  So we have developed a horn ribbon based system which achieves our goals. The  wide band horn ribbon  covers from about 600hz to 23khz. The special carbon fiber reinforced paper cone cast frame 8” Driver  covers below that, using 1st order (phase-coherent) crossovers.

The  600Hz  Crossovers  uses  extreme quality parts:  all film caps, oil paper and copper foil inductors, Silver Wire, Kiwame Resistors etc.

The  Systems  sensitivity  is  an  honest 98db/w (100db in room as specified by many  speaker  manufacturers),  nominally 8 ohms. The box is 30L and covers from about 60hz to 23khz in room. The Crescendo  can  be  used  with  many commercial  Subwoofers  to  extend  the low frequency response.

The  -6dB  coverage  angle  for  the Crescendo  HF  50  degrees  horizontal and 30 degrees vertical. Such controlled dispersion over such a wide frequency range ensures that even in acoustically difficult rooms  and  the  midrange  and  treble  remain  from  excessive reflections and room reverb.

Crescendo Low Frequency Driver

Cone Material:
Power Handling:Xmax:
Moving Mass:
Spl (2.83V/1m):Rec. Enclosure:
8″(210mm) to basket rim edge.
Aluminium Alloy
50W continous
100W programme
3mm peak-peak
5.2 Ohm
19.5 gramm
30 Liter Net Volume
70 Hz Port Tuning
(110cm2 port crossection,
13cm port length)

Crescendo High Frequency Driver

Waveguide Material:
Diaphragm Material:
Ribbon Surface:
Power Handling:Spl (2.83V/1m):
220mm X 275mm
Aluminium Alloy
60W continous
120W programme

Crescendo Enclosure Designs

The Enclosure for the Crescendo System can be arranged quite wide arrangements as long as the volume and tuning is preserved.Here the design we use and recommend. It uses a simple box with a large cross-section port, to avoid compression and port noise.The  material  should  be  void-free  plywood, 18mm  thick.  Of  course,  Corian  or  Natural stone  or  solid  stave-glued  hardwood,  or bamboo may also be used.Glue  with  good  filling  properties  is recommended for any of the wood materials, Grip-Fill  (the  professional  version  of  liquid nails) or similar work well, as can resin based glues. Stone requires special glues.The Back Panel is kept removable to allow the low frequency drivers to be mounted from behind. Unless you wish to use an external enclosure for your crossover building it on the removable back panel allows easy access for modification.We suggest to first try the box without any stuffing  or  damping  material.  All  the resonance modes caused by the enclosure dimensions are high enough in frequency to not appear within the operating bandwidth of the low frequency driver, mainly due to the low crossover point

Crescendo Crossover

The 3 x 100uF/400v caps and the parallel resistors from LF driver (-) to the binding post are optional.

Assembly Photos