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Mini Tube Amp (12AX7+EL84)

Mini Amp

Mini Tube Amp is so small that it can fit in bedroom, office desk etc. With 90dB speakers we can listen comfortably in a 30sq meter room. The amplifier is small but sound amazingly good.

FREE Obbligato Premium Gold caps upgrade

FREE silver banana plugs 4 pcs

FREE shipping

10% discount on TJ Full Music tube upgrades


  • Tubes used : 2 x EL84 and 12AX7
  • Output: 3.5W + 3.5W, 4/ 6 / 8 ohms

Price includes:

  • 1 x Intergrated amplifier
  • 1 x 12AX7
  • 2 x EL84
  • 4 x silver banana plugs
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Shipping included



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Chazz2 – Headphone Amplifier

Chazz Headphone Amp


You may remember the Chazz. It used EL34/KT88 and 6SN7 (earlier versions 6SL7) and output transformers. Eventually we sold out and it was right at the time when chassis and transformer parts costs were escalating; our attentions were diverted to reworking our whole lineup to work within the new economic realities.

The Chazz2 makes it own statement. You be the judge: OTL through film caps. MUCH much better clarity, finesse and speed as compared to electrolytics.

Main charateristics

(1) Anode vs cathode sound

Dual Outputs on the front panel:

One takes from the anode and the other from the cathode. The circuit is patented and allows this little trick. It allows you to experience the difference between anode and cathode sound. You can also drive with both (two headsets) at the same time. But feel don’t fight over who gets the anode and who gets the cathode!

(2) True balanced-modeNew!

We now have a pure copper served with teflon cable which allows true balanced-mode and includes the HD600-type connectors for plug-in operation. It is a worthwhile difference.

Simply put: hot/cold conductor takes signal from the anode and cathode of the tube. You can still select local feedback level but as one headphone set uses both outputs, only one headset can be driven at a time in balanced mode. It runs true balanced. Only the screen is connected to the phono plug body but signal is totally floating and never touches ground.

Also we configured a set of phono cables with RCA ends so the Chazz2 can also be used a a very beefy (and quiet) linestage to drive your big system. And still allows switching between anode/cathode feed and 0/3/6dB feedback. FUN! Allows voicing your hifi system. So: headamp extraordinaire, 2 x single ended or 1 x balanced mode with included cable, AND linestage. Wow!

(3) Adjustable feedback

Front panel selector toggles 0/-3/-6dB feedback.

A comparison is VERY interesting!

You choose the flavour you like.

(4) Good for money tubes*

6AS7/6080/6N13 power tube. close to unity gain and low output impedance make this ideal for headphone amplifier. A proven favourite with OTL users too. In good supply and low cost.

* 12AU7 x 2. We all know this tube. Easy rolling and sound meshes very well with the 6AS7. It gives more gain but the reason is distortion is 10x less with 2 x 12AU7 vs 1 pc of 12AX7. The difference is noticeable to those with a taste for the high end.

(5) Solid chassisThe Chassis is made of 4mm thick chassis and 7mm thick faceplate.

(6) CARBON attenuatorWe use carbon attenuator because we don’t like plastic in between us and the music. We are a carbon-based lifeform.


Package includes:

  • 1 pc Chazz2 (available 110v or 230v)
  • 1 pc 6SA7
  • 2 pcs 12AU7
    Cable or headphone is NOT included but balanced cable can be purchased separately.