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Turntable Parts

turntable parts

Belt drive turntable

Basic parts

  • A bearing ($115) and a platter ($350 $320)
  • A motor driver to drive the platter ($400 $320) and a power supply ($12)
  • A driving belt (free*)
  • A tonearm($690 $650) and a cartridge (165, $118)

Low Friction Turntable Bearing37mm Solid Acrylic Turntable Platter with StrobeLow noise dual speed DC motor controller for belt-drive turntableSwitch Mode DC Power Supply Block (for the DC Motor Speed Controller) Opera 12" tonearm (T1288, free airmail)Shure M97XE Smooth Sound and Accurate Turntable Cartridge

(* free driving belt for purchase over $400)


Optional parts

  • Plinth# and isolation foot ($16) to level the platter
  • Silver tonarm wire ($2.5/meter)
  • Grippa turnable record clamp ($95)

Premium Adjustable ISO Mount Isolation Turntable FootHigh Purity Silver Tonearm Wire incl. Teflon piping (meter)Grippa Turntable Record Clamp

#Plinth is only available with kits

Spare parts

  • Pulley for motor

Precision CNC Machined Copper Pulley


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