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Catalog (tube sockets)


Why you need Teflon tube sockets : They’re expensive and may seem like an extravagance but our beloved tubes are sensitive to vibrations and vibration is rife throughout the chassis. The vibration softens the imaging and veils harmonics, robbing the music of its tonal tapestry. Teflon sockets act as a vibration absorber for the chassis’ shakes and acts as a damper for airborne vibrations. It also grips the tube pins better than ceramic sockets, and has a more favorable dielectric characteristic so that high notes can soar! This is not a small improvement and I’d put it on the same level as a major cap upgrade.

Premium Teflon Sockets 4-pin / 8-pin Octal / 9-pin Noval

 Easy soldering board for 9pin socket

There are many teflon sockets in the market but not all are the same. Poor teflon socket pins can bad connection and even make noise to your amp. Our premium teflon sockets’ pin holders are carefully selected – smooth and firm, easy to change tube and secured connection.

$19 each

Add $1.5 for a UX4 conversion plate

Add $2 for a easy-soldering board for 9-pin socket

On Sale Moulded Teflon Sockets (8-pin / 9-pin)

Moulded Teflon 8 Pin Octal (Chassis Mount)Moulded Teflon 8 Pin Octal (PCB Mount) Moulded Teflon 9 Pin Noval (PCB Mount) Moulded Teflon 9 Pin Noval (Chassis Mount)

$4 each only

Special limited time factory authorized bulk purchase sale

NOS 7 Pin Teflon Tube Socket

 NOS 7 Pin Teflon Tube Socket   

# emovable fork-style silver plated contacts
# ex-military

$7 for each socket

add $8 for shield

Socket KR UX4 Isolation

Shipping cost : $8 – Hong Kong Post airmail.

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