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Switches / Attenuators / Potentiometers

Switches Overview

These are premium parts for

  • volume control,
  • audio source selection, or
  • A/B selection.

All our switches shaft is 6mm in diameter. Matching knobs are available to order in our website.


Seiden 23 steps switch :Switches and Attenuators/Pots

Smooth action, good contact, uncompromising made in Japan quality.  Made-before-break 23 steps stereo, ideal for making TVC or resistors volume control. $94 each + 8 worldwide shipping.

Le Club Hi-Fi 23 Position Stereo (2 channel)

Bargain priced 23 steps switch :

Good sounding at bargain price. Ex-military made to our specifications for ‘soft turn’ and gold plated contacts. Made-before-break 23 steps (stereo), ideal for making TVC or resistors volume control. $24 each + $8 worldwide shipping.

Picture shows stereo (2 poles) version. We have a special 4 poles version for controlling four TVCs at the same time. Price is $24 each + $8 worldwide shipping.

Audionote™ 100Kohm Volume controlAudionote™ 100Kohm Volume controls

This is all silver pot. Thick silver track, solid silver wiper, silver plated pins. $48.7 each + $8 worldwide shipping.


PEC Pot 1MEG Linear TaperWarm sounding military spec carbon taper

Can be used with law-faking resistors across the pot (in-gnd) for audio use. The audio taper emulation will be a volume control that increase volume fairly quickly in the 1st half rotation and then increase more slowly in the second half rotation. Choose law faking resistors values +10% based on value needed (ie 110k if 100k pot needed.)

Clearance price : $16.00 $8 each + $8 worldwide shipping

Accurate 100k/100K/1% volume attenuatorDIYHFS 100K/1% 23 Position Stepped Volume Attenuator

Easy to install. Made of surface mount resistors for high accuracy and left/ right balance. 23 volume level and east to install. $69 each + $8 worldwide shipping


Seiden 6 Position Stereo (2 channel)

Seiden 6 position switch

Smooth action, good contact, uncompromising made-in-Japan quality. 6 position with switchable ground. Suitable for balance connection. $94 each + $8 worldwide shipping

Le Club Hi-Fi 4 Position Selector (2 channel)Bargain priced 4 position switch

Good sounding at bargain price. Ex-military made to our specifications for ‘soft turn’ and gold plated contacts. Break-before-make 4 positions (stereo). $16 each +$8  worldwide shipping


Premium Japanese 4P2T ON-ON Toggle Switch

Premium Japanese 2P2T ON-OFF-ON Toggle Switch

These toggle switches are made in Japan. Durable and good contact. Rated 600v, can be connected to high voltage connection. 4P2T  $7 each, 2P2T $4 each + $8  worldwide shipping



$8 worldwide shipping is by post office registered airmail. For faster shipping options, check our main online store.


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