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DIYHS Active Bias Supply Module (Single pcb to Control 2 Power Tubes)

DIYHS Active Bias Supply Module (Single pcb to Control 2 Power Tubes)

Price: $89.00

Active Bias Supply Module (ABS)

  • tube life is extended
  • saturation of the output transformer is avoided
  • amplifier always operates optimally
  • better bass performance
  • more dynamics
  • minimized danger of runaway tube current when amplifier is unattended.
  • Also since most bias voltage supply filter networks tend to be very simple single diode or half wave, there is usually a great deal of ripple in the most sensitive signal path in the amplifier – the grid! And active bias system is also an opportunity to design a bias supply with extremely low levels of ripple. This adds a sense of stillness and low-level detail not obtainable with standard bias voltage supplies.
  • Compact 4 x 9cm. Easy to place in chassis.

Price is for one piece of modules which can actively supply 2 power tubes for single ended stereo (ie convert cathode bias to fixed bias). module can also be purchased as a pair which can be used to supply 4 power tubes for push pull.


For more info about Active Bias Supply, click this link:

DIY HiFi Supply Active Bias Supply Module Manual

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