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Catalog (binding posts)


OFC copper chassis binding post

5-Way design for different connections. Body is solid OFC copper

Knurled with clamping segment that doesn’t turn when tightened.

Body dimension (outside chassis): 19mm x 26mm (DxL)

Hole size for installation: 9.4mm

Picture shows silver plated but gold plated is also available.

Silver plated: $16 each. You can choose black or red

Gold plated: $26 per pair (one black and one red)

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Some pictures are for illustration only to show the structure.

If you cannot make a rounded rectangle, we can supply a round locking spacer.


$26 each (you can choose black or red)


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Speaker binding post


36mm long thread for thick speaker cabinet

Knurled with clamping segment that doesn’t turn when tightened

$14 per pair





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Audio Note Silver Plated Loudspeaker Terminals of 15mm diameter

Audio Note thick silver plated loudspeaker terminals.
The size is upgraded. Body diameter is 15.5mm, thread diameter 7.8mm.

$25 per pair






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Audio Note Thick Silver Plated “one-piece construction” Loudspeaker Terminals

Feature direct contact from both sides and sound superior as a result. Now with long thread.




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Shipping cost : $8 – Hong Kong Post airmail.

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