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Catalog (Silver or copper wires)



SILVER WIRE – high purity soft-annealed ideal for DIY project

∅0.25mm for tonearm, headphone or phono signal. $2.5 per meter of silver wire AND teflon piping

∅0.5mm for hookup wiring, interconnect cable or speaker cable. $9 per meter AND teflon piping

∅1.0mm for ground wiring or power wiring. $20 per meter AND teflon piping


COPPER WIRE – high purity soft-annealed with teflon

∅0.45mm is $0.6 per meter

∅1.2mm is $1.2 per meter


copper-cccCCC WIRE – enamel-coated CCC wire with teflon piping, ideal for audio links and audio ground connections in projects

∅8.1mm, $3 per meter



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